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This is Jon Morgan; your Litepaper author, crypto evangelist, and sole crypto dood at Stonktwits. šŸ‘¼

I’m like John Rambo, The Mandalorian, whatever Will Smith’s characters name is in I Am Legend, Neo, Skippy The Magnificant, Uma Whats-her-face in Kill Bill, Matt Hunter, the dad in the Taken movies, and Mad Max.Ā 

Like Gandalf the Grey coming back as Gandalf the White, Iā€™m back and ready to fight.Ā 

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Community Charts – March 6, 2024

GetRichSlow shows off a beautiful logarithmic $BTC chart, hinting at $200k in Q1 2025.Ā 

His Fibonacci expansions highlight a series of projected price levels along with vertical blue bars highlighting when the RSI crosses 70.Ā 

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BlockFi Customers Rejoice!

BlockFi’s customers might finally feature a financial comeback, thanks to a deal with FTX and Alameda Research. šŸ˜

How much? Up to $874 million, contingent on court approval. This settlement could be the lifeline for customers left adrift after the 2022 crypto upheaval.

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NFTs R Back?

Not much needs to be said here for this newsworthy event. šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø

Straight from the Gurg himself:

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So. Damn. Close.

Unless you’ve been sleeping off some horrible life decisions from last night, $BTC is insanely close to reaching its prior all-time high. šŸš€

It’s probable that by the time you read this, new all-time highs might already be in.Ā 

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