Workhorse’s Wild Ride Continues

It’s been a rough ride for electric vehicle startup investors over the years. But it’s been especially tough for investors in Workhorse Group, with today’s earnings results failing to improve their situation. 👎

The company’s third-quarter revenues of $3.03 million were up 95.5% YoY but missed consensus expectations of $20.9 million by a wide margin. It also expects 2023 revenues to come in between $10 and $15 million, while Wall Street was looking for $63 million. 🔻

Executives said results were “significantly impacted” by delays in clean truck and bus vouchers (HVIP) in California. Regarding that, CEO Rick Dauch said, “As of today, I am pleased to report that we have successfully resolved this issue and are moving swiftly ahead.” 🤔

While revenues remain lackluster, the company has cut costs to help narrow its quarterly loss. With that said, it has just $71.9 million in working capital ($38.9 million in cash), which leaves the market concerned about its ability to operate without raising new capital. Management said they’re taking major steps to strengthen their financial position, but it remains to be seen what exactly that looks like.

Clearly, Workhorse isn’t moving “swiftly” enough to satisfy investors. $WKHS touched new all-time lows before reversing to close roughly flat on the day. That caps off a wild ride since 2019, where shares rallied nearly 12,000% before crashing over 99% from those 2021 highs. 📉

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Global Payment Networks Charge Ahead

With everyone wondering how the U.S. consumer and economy are holding up, we’ve all got our favorite metrics we like to track. But as we’ve pointed out before, one of the easiest things to look at is the stock prices and businesses of global payment networks. 👀

American Express, Visa, and Mastercard make money each and every time someone swipes their credit or debit card. And judging by all three stocks making new all-time highs this year, consumers are continuing to swipe despite economic uncertainty. 💳

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Traders Sell Big-Tech Earnings

The “Magnificent Seven” stocks and other tech sector leaders have rallied significantly over the last three months. But with earnings season upon us, some are not living up to expectations.

Investors are selling Microsoft, Alphabet, and AMD shares after their reports, so let’s recap. 👇

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Ferrari Races & Peloton Plummets

Today, we’re looking at two companies in the vehicle space: one that goes very fast and another that doesn’t move at all. In terms of stock prices, one is making all-time highs, the other all-time lows. 👀

Starting with luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari, the automaker closed out 2023 with a record year of profits. Full-year revenues jumped 17%, with net profits of $1.36 billion. However, these records are expected to be short-lived…with management anticipating business momentum to continue in 2024. Additionally, shares were supercharged by reports that Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton could make a surprising move from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025. 🏎️

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Bears Ravage Regional Bank

While it may seem like last year’s regional banking crisis is well behind us, investors were reminded today that many of the core risks remain. New York Community Bancorp’s earnings were horrendous, so let’s break down the key points. 📝

The New York-based bank reported a fourth-quarter adjusted loss of $0.27 per share, while analysts expected $0.26 in earnings. Revenues of $886 million and net interest income of $740 million missed estimates of $929.5 million and $788.1 million, respectively. 🔻

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