Walgreens Booted To The Curb

The problems at Walgreens Boots Alliance continue, with the pharmacy chain’s investors’ biggest fear coming true today. 😱

Starting with the positives, second-quarter adjusted earnings per share of $0.66 and revenues of $36.70 billion topped expectations of $0.62 and $34.90 billion. While earnings were about half what they were last year, investors were happy to see some progress in earnings stabilizing in a challenging environment. 🔺

However, the positives were insufficient to offset the board slashing the quarterly dividend from $0.48 to $0.25. The company had paid a consistent dividend for the last 91 years, but a rapidly falling stock price caused its dividend yield to balloon above 7.5% before the cut was announced. ❌

Executives reiterated that this decision was difficult but necessary for the company’s long-term health. They continue to look for ways to drive sales growth and cut costs, exploring various options, including spinning off its “Boots” division.

$WBA shares swung sharply from positive to negative in pre-market trading, ultimately regaining some of the decline during regular hours to close down 5.12%. 📉

Without a significant dividend giving investors a reason to hang on through the turnaround, many market participants are taking their lumps and looking for other opportunities. A mature company with a slashed dividend and weak revenue/earnings growth is not exactly courting many types of investors. So we’ll have to wait and see who’s interested in buying the dip. 🤷

There’s also been significant speculation about whether the company will be booted from the Dow Jones Industrial Average over its poor performance, though that’s unsubstantiated for now. 🤫

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Cyber Stocks Get Clocked

Palo Alto Networks is getting pounded by sellers after hours, dragging the rest of the sector down with it. Let’s see what happened. 👇

The cybersecurity giant reported adjusted earnings per share of $1.46 on revenues of $1.98 billion. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ended.

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JD Joins The China Party

The China trade remains a controversial one, with bulls looking to nail an epic bottom and bears looking for the collapse of the country’s stock market (and economy). However, despite all the crazy headlines about economic data, regulators banning short selling, and a whole lot more, some stocks are trying to stabilize. 📰

Today’s example is eCommerce giant JD.com, which reported an earnings and revenue beat after a long string of disappointments. While growth remains well off its pandemic-era highs, investors are happy to see that the business is at least stabilizing and being forecasted properly by management.

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Walmart Bets Big On Advertising

One of the core themes we’ve been discussing for a long time is the “ad-ification” of everything. No matter where you go or what you do, you’re likely being targeted by some form of advertising. And the reason why is because it’s such a high-margin, profitable business opportunity. 🎯

As a result, it’s no surprise to see America’s largest employer and big-box retailer, Walmart, leaning heavily into that narrative during its earnings call. 

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Headline Vs. Reality (Media Edition)

One of the perplexing things about markets is that sometimes headlines don’t necessarily match the reaction in markets. And that was certainly the case today in struggling media giant Warner Bros. Discovery. 📰

The Hollywood Reporter wrote an article boasting that Warner Bros became the first Hollywood conglomerate to turn a full-year streaming profit ($103 million).  

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