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Stocktwits Top 25 – Week 1 📈

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Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week 1 of 2022.

The Stocktwits Top 25 reports the 25 best-performing stocks in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 year to date (YTD), and tracks their performances over time. 

Here are your Stocktwits Top 25 Lists for Week 1:

S&P 500

ST Top 25 S&P 500

The ST Top 25 S&P 10 List kicked off the new year in all green.

25 names closed higher. Each stock gained double-digit percentages.

The list was dominated by financial and energy stocks. Financials totaled 12 spots while energy took 10.

Discovery Inc raged 27.7% higher and claimed the top spot on the list. You can read more about it in the Winners section.

The Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 Momentum Meter flew 14.9% while the S&P 500 dropped 1.87%. The 16.77% differential proves the top stocks were far stronger than the full index.


The Big Cap Nasdaq 100

The ST Top 25 N100 List registered a positive momentum meter return despite weakness in tech stocks.

19 out of 25 stocks traded positive. 

Lucid Group remained in the top spot ahead of PACCAR Inc.

Peloton and PayPal both slipped over 0.5%. You can find them on the Sinners list.

The ST Top 25 Nasdaq 100 Momentum Meter increased 2.34% while the full Nasdaq 100 flopped 4.46%. The 6.8% difference implies that the top-performing stocks outpaced the index by a significant margin.

Russell 2000

Small-Cap Russell 2000

The ST Top 25 R2K List got crazy in Week 1.

25/25 names registered gainz.

Castlight Health ripped 31.82% and took over as Top Dawg. The health stock was the best performer on all three lists. 

Eargo appreciated 24.9% after a slew of positive news. Read more about this below. 

The ST Top 25 R2K Momentum Meter swelled 21.44% and the Russell 2000 index decreased 2.92%. The 24.36% difference in favor of the top stocks suggests that the full index is now lagging.



The ST Top 25 Top Dawg for Week 1, 2022 is #1 R2K – Castlight Health Inc.

Castlight Health hopped onto the ST Top 25 R2K List as a Freshman in the first week of 2022. The healthcare company is now the top-ranked stock on the list. 

$CSLT climbed 23.78% on Wednesday to five-month highs after announcing that Vera Whole Health will purchase the company for $370 million or $2.05/share.

Castlight will become a privately owned company after the purchase is completed in the first quarter of 2022. 

Here’s the daily chart:

Maeve O’Meara, CEO of Castlight said: 

“Integrating our navigation data and technology with Vera’s high quality primary care offering addresses the fundamental need for a coordinated and personalized patient experience, while enabling providers to improve outcomes and lower costs and employers to participate in full risk sharing for the first time”. 

$CSLT is up 31.82% YTD.


The Winners 📈

△ #1 S&P 500 – Discovery Inc kicked off 2022 as the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List’s number 1 name. The mass media company surged 27.7% in the first week of the new year.

$DISCA ascended 16.87% to five-month highs on Friday once Bank of America upgraded the stock to “buy” from “neutral”. The bank also upped its twelve-month price target to $45 from $34. 

That’s a 75% increase from Jan 5’s close. 😲 Jessica Ehrlich from BofA noted that Discovery’s upcoming merger with WarnerMedia could “create a global media powerhouse driven by creative and content leadership”.

Here’s the weekly chart with lots of overhead resistance remaining.

$DISCA is up 27.7% YTD.

△ #2 N100 – PACCAR had a phenomenal opening week. The truck manufacturer registered gains four days and was the second-biggest gainer on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List, improving 5.85%.

$PCAR popped 4.81% on Tuesday after unveiling some new tech at the Consumer Electronics Show

The truck manufacturer displayed its battery-electric Kenworth T680E with PACCAR battery charger, the DAF XG+, which was just named International Truck of the Year 2022, and a Peterbilt Model 579 with the Aurora self-driving system. Quite the lineup. 🚚

$PCAR is up 5.85% YTD and just 3.6% away from record highs.

△ #6 R2K – Eargo expanded 24.9% this week. The hearing aid manufacturer released a new product and was dropped from a DOJ investigation.

The company released the Eargo 6 hearing aid on Tuesday, which has innovative Sound Adjust technology. The hearing aid detects the user’s surroundings and automatically adjusts the device’s settings to provide the best effect without needing manual input from the user.

On Thursday, $EAR soared 59.65% after the Department of Justice stated that its criminal investigation into the company was no longer continuing. Rather, the matter has been moved to the DOJ’s Civil Division, and Eargo has agreed to continue cooperating with the inquiry.

$EAR has a YTD gain of 24.9%.


The Sinners 📉

▼ #24 N100 – Peloton fell 0.5% in Week 1 and took the #24 spot on the ST Top 25 N100 List. 

$PTON deflated 76.5% in 2021 and is already red in 2022. The fitness equipment company has closed negative in ten of the last 11 weeks and now sits at twenty-month lows.

Here’s the weekly chart:

$PTON is down 0.5% YTD.

▼ #25 N100 – PayPal lost 0.52%, following up a 1.8% loss in Week 52 of 2021. PayPal was the worst performer on any of the lists. 

On a more positive note, PayPal is considering launching its own stablecoin, the latest in its cryptocurrency effort.

Jose Fernandez da Ponte, senior vice president of crypto commented: “We are exploring a stablecoin; if and when we seek to move forward, we will, of course, work closely with relevant regulators”.

$PYPL was rejected at AVWAP (blue line) from its earnings report on Nov 9 which shows sellers remain in control. 

$PYPL is down just 0.52% YTD… We’ll see how it performs leading into its next earnings report on Feb 7.

See Y’all Next Week 🤙