Stocks Break Their Win Streak

Nvidia’s evil plan to take over the stock market was put on hold today despite labor market data helping build the case for a June rate cut. 🤔

The February jobs report showed that nonfarm payrolls rose by 275,000, topping the 198,000 expected. However, the previous two months’ numbers were revised lower by 167,000 jobs, causing the unemployment rate to jump to 3.90% and signaling a further softening of the labor market. 🔻

On top of that, wage growth was just 0.1% MoM and 4.3% YoY, a positive sign for the Fed’s fight against inflation.

Weakness in the labor market renewed investors’ hopes for a June rate cut, causing stocks to surge after the open. However, after making a new high, sellers came in and pushed stocks lower throughout the day, as shown in Nvidia’s chart below. An 11% swing in a $2 trillion stock is quite the single-day move on no company-specific news. 😳

And speaking of Nvidia, one graph that’s been going around lately to show just how wild the stock market’s move has been is Nvidia vs. Apple’s market cap. The gap between them has been closing at a record pace, with many pointing out it would only take a few good days from Nvidia and a few more bad days from Apple for it to become the second-largest company in the world. 🫨

Overall, the large-cap stock market indexes continue to grind higher while small and mid-cap stocks play catchup. Investors and traders will be watching to see if stocks posting their third down week of 2024 will change the momentum in the near term. ⚔️

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Biotech Investors Target PHAT Gains

As we’ve been highlighting for a long time, investors and traders continue to seek opportunities in the micro and small-cap healthcare space in hopes of a buyout.

With the most prominent players sitting on tons of cash and needing their next growth driver, it seems like there’s a new company being acquired every day. 🤑

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A New High In New Highs

Nvidia earnings re-ignited the animal spirits in the market, causing the stock and major indexes to reach several new milestones. Let’s check’em out. 👇

Firstly, a 16% rise in the stock today caused its market cap to rise $277 billion, the largest one-day increase of any stock in history. Secondly, today’s move put it firmly ahead of Google and Amazon as the fourth-largest stock in the world (Saudi Aramco not pictured below). It also moved it a stone’s throw away from $2 trillion. 🤩

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Traders Eye IPOs Into 2024

After a rough patch from late 2021 through 2022, this year, the initial public offering (IPO) tried to make a comeback. Now, traders say 2024 could be the year this turnaround really comes. 👍 

Below is a chart of the Renaissance IPO ETF ($IPO), which is up about 53% so far this year. But technical analysts and traders say that its recent breakout to roughly eighteen-month closing highs signals a critical trend change in prices. They argue that prices staying above the 35-37 range, which has previously served as an inflection point in the stock, would suggest momentum has shifted firmly to the upside. 🙃

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Three Tech Stock Milestones

Despite a lackluster close for the major indices, several stocks hit major market-cap milestones. 🤩

First up is Microsoft, which briefly became the second company to cross the $3 trillion market value threshold. Although that didn’t hold into the close, what’s done is done, and the company certainly deserves to be celebrated. Meta’s rebound over the last two years pushed it back above the $1 trillion mark, bringing the total number of companies above this level to eight.

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