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    Kimmo Hintikka Joined Jul 31, 2012


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      B.S in Finance. I don't want to have to look up your fake acronym. Have this account to read the opposite perspective. Fortunate enough to work on my own terms researching equity investments. Coding/testing personal intraday strategies.
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      Cory Mitchell Official Account
      Proprietary trader.Financial writer.Charted Market Technician. Trading Psychology. Futures. Day trader. Swing trader. Forex. Stocks. Globe Trotter.
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      Harry Boxer Official Account features Harry Boxer's real-time technical analysis & trade alerts for short-term stock traders. It includes a live chat room & live chart screencast by Harry, an award-winning stock picker & 40-year Wall Street veteran.
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      joe charter
      novice trader. Everything stated just my opinion, not to be taken as advice! Invest at your own risk.
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      To discuss training, follow me at qwertysc on the app called "LINE." We will progress from there and keep it as a more flowing venue of communication. This account is also BLOCKED FROM POSTING ON STREAM OR ANSWERING DM. I AM NOT IGNORING YOU!!!
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      Earnings Calls Official Account
      Easily listen to the latest stock conference calls. On your iPhone or on your computer.
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      MarketCharts Official Account
      Charting and backtesting of over 500 market indicators, including breadth, put/call ratios and volatility.
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      Brian Anderson
      Father, husband, avid golfer/skier, college football fan, business owner, forex trader and wealth investor. Go Buckeyes!
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      Activist Stocks
      Using activist investors and hedge funds for idea generation.
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      christopher brecher
      Vice President and Lead Content Provider at Simpler Stocks ...Hyperactive, obsessive,professional trader since 1982. CBOE market maker(IBM PIT) 1985-1993...Day trader of stocks,options and futures since 1993.
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      Money Talks Yall know the rest
      Here to make MONEY!!! 1. Dont always believe the HYPE. 2. Do your OWN DD. 3. Dont fall in LOVE with ANY stock. 4. Dont Trade with your EMOTIONS. [NOT a financial advisor my posts strictly opinions, DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE]
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      Faris Sleem
      I day/swing trade momentum stocks, pennies, options, & leveraged ETFS. My tweets are not investment advice to buy/sell a security. Visit
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      Non-Professional Trader. Just wanting to learn.
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      Quantocracy Official Account
      Curated links from the quantitative trading blogosphere. Formerly known as "The Whole Street".
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      Steve Patterson Official Account
      37 years Trading Experience. Floor Trader, Prop Trader and Institutional Consultant Day trading for a living but Swing Trade for Retirement. Trading Coach
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      Antonio Costa Official Account
      I am a 43 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      Charles Rotblut Official Account
      Vice President for the American Association of Individual Investors and AAII Journal Editor. Speaker, WSJ Expert Panelist, regular guest on Your MoneyLife (@MoneyLifeShow), author of Better Good than Lucky, and KU alum.
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      Anne-Marie Baiynd Official Account
      Fire breathing trader, and trading coach. Find the highest probability trading events by learning to filter signal from noise
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      Cassie Marie
      DO NOT FOLLOW ME! - Carefree and Fearless; rigid with my rules and flexible with my expectations -since 2001