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    Michael Angelo Mustillo Joined May 20, 2013

    Fly-by-Wire systems manager, systematically trading my retirement fund, which was recently emancipated from a corp Sun Life plan. Long-term trend-follower in US equities. I don't mind Amibroker/MATLAB questions!


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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2016 made $$$ by following THE DARK POOL. The stock whisperer is on tour across the US with the Money Show and The traders expo. She teaches while she trades live in her online trading room
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      Pattern futures & equities trader. Hyper accurate setups for those with the stones to take them. Working on better exits. FREE TRADING NEWSLETTER Commitment. Objectivity. Patience.
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      Tech stock enthusiast. TA (55%) - VWAP(short trm), SMA200(long), CCI(short trm), RSI(Long trm), LEVEL II (shot trm), T&S (short trm). FA (45%) - Earnings (Quarter), Growth (Q), Disruptive(Long Trm), Vision (Long T), CEO(long T). News(Short Trm).
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      Love @StockTwits, Charting, all markets and all time frames. not a professional trader, ideas not advice but I encourage debate. Happy trading.
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      Stefan Cheplick Official Account
      @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have two accounts: long-term holds and swing trades. 5+ years of watching and writing about markets... Yet still learning.
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      Long-Biased Swing Trader, interested in 8, 21 and 50 Day Moving Averages, Double Bottoms & Fibonacci Retracement Targets to enter trades. My goal is to secure profits when price targets are met during a momentum uptrend or breakouts past resistance.
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      Sociologist - options trader, technical analysis + fundamentals - it's all about tech, everything else is child's play - constantly learning and perfecting - small wins become large stacks đź’µ
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      If I had a dollar for every dollar I lost during the bubble I would be a millionaire.
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      2 pretty boring weekly styles & a monthly: 1) etf basket based on weekly relative strength, 2) stage analysis process modeling stan weinstein's work...monthly is based on 20mma
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      Michael Bozzello Official Account
      Community Manager @ StockTwits. Lover of all things markets especially the sharing of ideas/experiences between traders. I'm here to help, just reach out! Price Action/Swing Trading style.
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      Mike DiBari
      Big volume sets the trend. Get in the know with TVO. Daily analysis and signals that will tell you exactly when to be in and out of the market.
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      Canadian businessman. Trying to learn the ropes of trading for an early semi-retirement plan. Paid some very serious tuition in 2015. Only playing with small $$$ now until I am ready. Have learned lots but lots left to learn.
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      Brian Shannon, CMT Official Account
      Pro trader. Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes
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      Anne-Marie Baiynd Official Account
      Fire breathing trader, and trading coach. Find the highest probability trading events by learning to filter signal from noise
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      Carol E
      Advert exec,wrote award winning TV spots major NYC agencies,script doctor/ screenwriter. Lyricist.Author.Pianist. My life is a black&white movie. Brit/German film noir pre-code fanatic.Anti social all media.Un-cellphoned.Stocktalk opinions only.
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      Eric Alford Official Account
      Director of Engineering at StockTwits.
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      Made a Killing in the crash of 2009- Then Bought the crash with both hands- Sold Everything and traveled the world- NOW I AM BACK! I'm not selling anything!!! Here to trade-share ideas & make fun of the rookies :)
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      Bitcoin Magazine Official Account
      The most accurate and up-to-date source of information, news and commentary about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
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      "Wannabe trading goddess"... learning something new every day :) "Today is the first day of the rest of your life".
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      Yun Lin
      Stellar predictions any day of the week. I trade my own money. Up 380% portfolio-wide since i registered.