A Crude Two Weeks For Energy

The recent carnage in the energy sector has been lost in the shuffle, so let’s take a quick look.

Below is a chart of crude oil’s weekly chart dating back three years. With this week’s decline, prices fell to their lowest level since December 2021. And the one-week rate of change shows this is the largest one-week decline since early 2020. 😬

We mention it because the oil price decline is also showing up in energy-related ETFs. Their 10-day performance shows declines ranging from 6% to 22%. 🔻

With the energy sector shifting from last year’s best performer to this year’s worst, many investors are trying to determine whether the downward trend will continue or if this is a potential buying opportunity. For now, we’ll have to wait and see. 👀

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A Certified Commodity “Bruh Moment”

There’s next to nothing positive to talk about in equities and cryptoland, so we’re turning to the positive points for commodities traders (which again, offers a pretty negative outlook for the global economy.)

In the last week, we’ve touched on rapidly-rising energy markets — especially the price of natural gas, oil, and coal. We’ve also left room for dessert, touching on the finer points of price movements in wheat and corn.

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Copper Crumbles Amid Recession Fears

If you’ve been consuming financial market-related content for a while, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Dr. Copper” at some point. Well, the doctor was in today, so let’s hear what he had to say. 👂

For those of you confused, market participants often refer to copper futures as “Dr. Copper.” The reasoning is that copper is an industrial metal critical for most aspects of global economic growth. As a result, investors and traders will often use copper futures as a liquid market to express their views of the economy. And for those that don’t trade it directly, they look at it as a barometer for the overall market’s economic outlook. 🧭

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The Big (Nickel) Short

Unrest and macroeconomic tensions have given commodities plenty of room to run 🏃 🏃— in recent weeks, we’ve touched on the rapidly-rising prices of oil, natural gas, wheat, and corn, among others. However, if we had to give an award to one commodity for getting attention in the markets this week — nickel would be the leader. 🏆

That’s because the price of nickel has risen in an unprecedented fashion, which traders have attributed to a Russia-sized hole in the metals market (Russia makes 17% of top-grade nickel) and a short squeeze in the metals market. The price of nickel more than doubled, rising to $100,000 per tonne. 🤭

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Oil’s Big Week (Also: Other Alternatives Moved North, Too)

It’s times like this where folks with 95% stock/5% bond allocations are in their feels… not because stocks are going down, but because they should’ve added another 5% allocation for alternatives.

Jokes aside, commodity markets posted their largest weekly advances in years as a result of Ukrainian ports closing and Russia being sanctioned.

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