Gold Shimmers Around $2,000/Oz

Precious metals have not gotten much fanfare lately, especially with palladium in a downtrend and platinum and silver stuck in messy ranges. 💤

However, one that continues to pop up on investor and trader radars is gold, which is once again trying to break above $2,000/oz. Below is a chart showing prices stuck in a range for the last 2.5 years, each time failing to sustain a break above resistance. 🔐

With the disinflation trend continuing and rates expected to stay higher for longer, the bullish catalyst many traders are discussing is a possible recession. But as we discussed with the Visa story, the market remains mixed on its recession outlook, as the consensus view is now that the Fed has pulled off a “soft landing.” 🐂

Bears say that gold missed its opportunity to shine when inflation was roaring in 2021 and 2022 and that there’s little reason for investors to seek the perceived safety of gold when the risk-free rate is above 5%. Especially if the economy doesn’t fall into a recession. 🐻

We’ll have to wait and see who is right. But what’s clear is that gold is on people’s radars into year-end as we all wait to see how it handles this $2,000/oz level again. Time will tell… 🤷

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Sugar Hits Sweet Spot As Gold Shines

It was a slow day out there, but several commodities caught traders’ eyes. Let’s see which ones. 👀

First up is sugar futures, which have experienced a nearly 30% decline since the beginning of November. While its major decline is one reason to be on people’s radars, technical traders say prices have reached the 20-20.50 area that served as an inflection point over the last two years.

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Oil & Gas Sector Loses Its Energy

After a strong run throughout the summer, it’s been a rough two weeks for energy-related commodities and stocks. Today, an accelerating decline helped bring the sector back to the forefront of investors’ conversation. Let’s take a look at why. 👇

In very short-term fundamental news, gasoline inventories surprised to the upside today on weak demand. That caused the commodity to extend its recent selloff. But more importantly, we also saw heating oil and crude oil selloff in tandem after holding relatively strong during gasoline’s pullback.

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Cocoa Prices Go Loco

With Halloween coming up next week, some consumers will likely be shocked at the price of candy due to the elevated price of cocoa.  😱

The vital ingredient in chocolate is hitting its highest levels since 1979 as hotter and drier weather patterns stunt this year’s crop. Roughly 75% of global cocoa beans come from the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria, where consistent temperatures, high humidity, abundant rain, and nitrogen-rich soil allow it to thrive. 

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Copper Crumbles Amid Recession Fears

If you’ve been consuming financial market-related content for a while, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Dr. Copper” at some point. Well, the doctor was in today, so let’s hear what he had to say. 👂

For those of you confused, market participants often refer to copper futures as “Dr. Copper.” The reasoning is that copper is an industrial metal critical for most aspects of global economic growth. As a result, investors and traders will often use copper futures as a liquid market to express their views of the economy. And for those that don’t trade it directly, they look at it as a barometer for the overall market’s economic outlook. 🧭

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