Google Joins The Solana Club

If there’s a cryptocurrency out there that must have a guardian angel or an entity with really, really deep pockets to protect it, it has to be Solana ($SOL.X). If Solana was a vehicle, it’s about as reliable as a 1990’s Ford Explorer or any 3500 Dodge Ram. 

Solana launched in 2020, and like the launch of 2016’s spectacular bomb No Man’s Sky (which is really freaking awesome now), it has been a huge mess. Solana has had 10 to 11 major outages that have resulted in either partial downtimes or total outages. 

To make matters worse, the Ethereum-killer and ‘censorship-resilient network’ lost one of its major cloud providers: Hetzner. Hetzner hosted a good chunk of Solana’s nodes. So if they’re turned off, what kind of impact would that have? A big one. 

Hetzner’s ban and subsequent shutdown of Solana’s nodes last week resulted in 40% of all nodes going offline and effectively taking down 20% of the network. From a price action perspective, either no one cared, or no one was worried. 

Then, on Saturday, the Google ($GOOG) Cloud Twitter account posted this message publicly to Solana’s head honcho:

Long story short, Google Cloud announced they are now, officially, a block-producing validator for Solana’s network. 

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Technically Speaking – May 19, 2023

It’s the 10th week in a row $BTC has been stuck inside the Ichimoku Cloud.🥺

All of the suck involved with the type of price action and broken hearts one would expect to experience when something is in the Cloud, we’re all experiencing it. 

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Ripple Gets A Big Win With Hinman

Ripple has achieved a small victory in its legal battle against the SEC as the agency’s attempt to seal the “Hinman Speech documents” was denied. 🎉

These internal files contain drafts and emails about a speech given by William Hinman, former Director of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, over four years ago, saying $ETH is not a security. The documents are sought after by Ripple’s legal team to understand how the SEC arrived at its conclusion that Ethereum was not a security at the time, which could impact the classification of Ripple’s $XRP cryptocurrency.

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Axie On Apple – But Only For Some

$AXS has taken a significant stride towards regaining its user base after a challenging year. The game’s creator, Sky Mavis, recently announced that the latest version of their blockchain-enabled video game, ‘Axie Infinity: Origins,’ will be available for download on $APPL‘s App Store. 😱

This move marks a significant development in the wider adoption of web3 gaming.

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