More Exchanges Showing Proof-Of-Reserves

Crypto exchange OKX announced a new proof-of-reserve program that will allow customers to verify their crypto holdings are safu on their platform.

One of India’s most valuable exchanges, CoinDCX, also published proof-of-reserves. CoinDCX plans to post monthly updates related to its liabilities. A complete list of on-chain and off-chain wallets is now accessible as well. 

Another Indian exchange, CoinSwitch, shared information also shared their proof-of-reserves. Interestingly, Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is their third-largest holding. 

Coinbase ($COIN) CEO Brian Armstrong revealed the amount of Bitcoin held by Coinbase. In a Tweet, Armstrong reiterated that, as a public company, its financials are public.

We’ll update you as more exchanges conform to this new demand made by exchanges and investors alike. 🎉

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Bitcoin Recovers And Whipsaws

It’s hard to believe that just a little over two months ago, $BTC.X and the broader crypto market experienced the single largest WTF moment in crypto history: FTX’s collapse. 😲

When CZ Tweeted on November 6, 2022, that Binance would be offloading its entire $FTT.X stake, it triggered a swift collapse of the entire crypto market. 

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Ray confirmed that a task force is looking into restarting The decision is based solely on if the value proposition for re-opening the exchange is better than liquidating the assets. 

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