BlockFi-ling For Bankruptcy

BlockFi ($BLOCKFI.P) is filing for bankruptcy today, says the crypto news site Decrypt citing their source. 

BlockFi is another one of the many entities to collapse following FTX’s fall. But BlockFi had an ugly 2022 even before Luna’s ($LUNC.X) or FTX’s death. ‘

In February 2022, BlockFi settled with the SEC and 32 States over its crypto lending business and paid an industry record of $100 million.

A different kind of contagion followed that fallout, with other crypto lenders and crypto earners like Nexo ($NEXO.X) suspending all rewards and interest for U.S. customers. 😥

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Wager: BTC At $1 Million In 90 Days

Cathie Wood recently said $BTC could hit $1 million by 2030 – seven years away and that doesn’t seem too unlikely for many analysts. But what about $1 million in just 90 days? 🤷‍♂️

$COIN‘s ex-CTO Balaji Srinivasan is betting that Bitcoin’s gonna hit a million bucks by June 17th. He’s putting $1 million on the line with two random dudes, and if his wild prediction doesn’t come true, they’ll pocket some sweet $USDC stablecoin.

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