Crypto’s Harmony With The Dollar, Not A Rivalry

$COIN‘s main man, Brian Armstrong, is stirring the financial pot with a fresh take: $BTC‘s not here to knock the USD off its perch; it’s here to help it out. 🪙

In Armstrong’s eyes, Bitcoin can help traditional currencies like the Dollar, Yuan, and Euro shake off their inflation woes. He’s betting on people warming up to crypto as their go-to inflation shield.

But Armstrong’s tune isn’t about a crypto takeover. He’s all about crypto and fiat currencies holding hands and skipping together into the financial sunset. ☀️

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February Was Amazing

Historically, $BTC usually closes in the green in February. 2024’s Feb close brings the score to eleven bullish closes vs. three bearish closes since 2011. 👍

However, despite the high number of bullish closes for February, its average performance is very ‘meh.’ But not this year.

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