Shock: Grumpy Boomer Banker And Politician Don’t Like Crypto

In the latest episode of Boomers Bash Bitcoin, Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan’s CEO, continued his disdain for crypto. 🤡

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Wednesday, Dimon’s anti-crypto campaign reached a crescendo, where he suggested banning cryptocurrencies due to their use in criminal activities. It’s a bold stance, especially considering the U.S. Dollar’s long-standing reign as the preferred currency for illicit activities.

Terrorists and money launderers have long favored the dollar, yet crypto takes the heat.

Despite Dimon’s crusade against crypto, his bank has its own form of crypto (JPM Coin). It’s like a vegan running a steakhouse—confusing, amusing, and a tad hypocritical.

Even Senator Elizabeth Warren, usually a critic of big banks, agreed with Dimon on the need for crypto regulations. 

And everyone knows when politicians and mega-banks agree on something, it’s always a good thing. 🤣

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