Stop. Huffing. Your Steam Decks.

This isn’t a crypto story, but it is one of caution because there’s a strong intersection between gaming and crypto communities. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

This story is about keeping you safe from doing stupid shit – because we care.  

Here’s what happened. A user in the Steam Deck subreddit asked Valve’s support team this question:

Click to enlarge.

And received this response:

Click to enlarge.

You read that correctly. Some people are apparently falling in love with the hot, burning plastic rubbery smell that comes after a session of some hardcore button mashing. 

If you’re nodding in recognition because you are a vent sniffer, welcome to the club. Which I am not a part of because I am not a godless Deck-huffing barbarian. And neither should you.

Don’t drink and drive. 

And never, ever huff your Steam Deck’s heat vent. ✊

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