Cryptocurrency Through Ackman’s Eyes

In a recent dialogue with Lex Fridman, billionaire investor Bill Ackman shared insights into his investment philosophy, touching upon cryptocurrencies. 🪙

Ackman differentiates between speculation (trading) and investment, which involves a deep understanding of value over time. He acknowledged the speculative nature of short-term crypto trades but recognized potential long-term intrinsic value in cryptocurrencies.

Ackman initially approached crypto with skepticism. However, he has since seen merit in certain projects, advocating for the crypto industry to self-regulate and address unethical practices. Ackman also reflected on the influence of “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham on his investment approach, emphasizing the importance of discerning between price and value and focusing on long-term asset value rather than short-term speculation. 🧠

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One Way To Use Stocktwits’ Social Data Tools

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘volume precedes price’? It’s an old-school technical analysis 101 maxim. For example, if an instrument is in a downtrend but then you start to see volume tick up, the theory is that price will follow the volume. 🧑‍🎓

It’s what technical analysts call a leading indicator—a heads-up or a warning that the probability of change is high and that it might happen soon. Analysts and traders might apply that principle (volume precedes price) to the Stocktwits Social Data. 

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Technically Speaking – March 5, 2024

Well, like I said, this isn’t a fun Litepaper. Instead of finding wen-Moon or wen-Lambo, we will be looking for wen-bottom. 💔

I’ll keep it short and sweet, quickly identifying where analysts and traders see strong support levels ahead.

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