Bumble’s Path Of Least Rizz-istance

Dating apps are a tricky business in the post-pandemic world, with investors continuing to swipe left on Bumble after its latest earnings report. 📰

The company behind dating apps Bumble, Badoo, and Fruitz said a slowdown in user spending caused it to miss first-quart revenue expectations. As a result, new CEO Lidiane Jones’ first move is to cut 350 roles, costing $20 to $25 million in one-time charges over the first two quarters. ✂ī¸

Competitor Match Group has been looking to “rizz up” the younger generations with heavy marketing spend but has had limited success. Meanwhile, Bumble said it’s focused on reigniting ARPU growth in the mature U.S. market, relaunching its eponymous app and revamping its premium plus offering. And in terms of user growth, it’s eying global market expansion.

Nonetheless, the changes will take time to show results. The company expects just 8% to 11% annual revenue growth this year, well below estimates of 13.30%. Overall, the weak fundamental backdrop and the company’s inability to get a handle on revenue growth leaves it no choice but to lean down and preserve its cash. đŸ”ģ

As for the stock, technical analysts like to use the word “path of least resistance” when discussing a stock’s trend. In the case of Bumble, it’s safe to say the path of least “rizz-istance” is clearly lower, with the stock down more than 85% since coming public and hitting new all-time lows today. While its app is failing to attract a younger audience, its stock is failing to attract investors. 👎

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Renewable Stocks Lack A Charge

The current market environment has not been kind to renewable energy stocks like electric vehicle makers or solar manufacturers. And that trend continued today with lackluster earnings results. 👎

Rivian kicked it off by saying that it’s laying off 10% of its workforce due to EV pricing pressures. Although it built and shipped more than double the vehicles it did in 2022, its 2023 losses still totaled more than $5.40 billion. đŸĒĢ

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Nvidia Delivers Bears Another Blow

With it being Nvidia day and all, let’s recap the semiconductor giant’s earnings and reaction. 👇

Before the print, we noted that Nvidia had only seen a downside surprise in earnings vs. expectations three times in the last ten years. However, with analyst estimates high and bullish sentiment roaring into the print, bears thought the contrarian view might have paid off.

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BJ’s Beats Costco For The Day

Today’s action shows that BJ’s may have a branding problem in the retail investing community. Despite the company’s results topping expectations today, sentiment readings from are community are still weaker than you’d expect. 🤔 

BJ’s Wholesale Club revenues grew 8.70% YoY to $5.357 billion, with adjusted earnings of $1.11 per share. While earnings topped expectations, revenue was slightly below, with executives citing an uncertain macroeconomic environment as the primary driver.

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Speculation Heightens As Jumia Jumps

As we’ve discussed, speculation continues to spread to all corners of the market. Even those areas that have been left for dead for quite some time. Today’s example of this is Jumia Technologies, the “Amazon of Africa” that caught wildfire early in its life before the gravity of reality brought it back down to earth. 🛒

The company reported reducing its losses by over 90% in the fourth quarter as it focused on restoring order and gross merchandise value (GMV) growth. Like other struggling companies, it cut costs significantly and leveraged lower tax provisions to help drive the earnings improvement. 

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