Are Expectations Still Too High?

Retailers and related industries like shipping have already lowered the bar ahead of the holiday shopping season. But some news from Amazon and FedEx today has investors wondering if actual results will be worse than initially forecasted. 

First, we heard from Amazon, reportedly planning to lay off 10,000 corporate and technology-related employees. While cost reductions are becoming a norm among tech giants in the current environment, many worry about the timing of these cuts.

Does Amazon expect its busiest quarter of the year to fall short of its expectations? Or are people reading too much into this?

It’s tough to tell, but with Jeff Bezos again warning consumers and small business owners to reduce their risk because of the economic recession, folks sure are worried. 😟

FedEx also had a rough time last quarter and reduced its projections amid falling shipping volumes. But now, its freight unit is beginning to furlough some U.S. employees as current business conditions further weight on volumes.

Add all that to the fact that retailers are sitting on a ton of excess inventory…and you’ve got a lot of concerned investors as we head into the peak shopping season. 📦

Investors will be listening closely as several big-box retailers report earnings this week. We’ve got Walmart and Home Depot on Tuesday, followed by Target and Lowe’s on Wednesday. Finally, on Thursday, we’ll hear from BJ’s Wholesale Club, Ross Stores, and a few other retailers.

By the end of this week, investors should have a much clearer picture of how the current quarter is shaking out. But right now, things aren’t looking great. 🤷

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