Trading Competitions: Week 4 Recap

This week’s competition was filled with new names, a change from the last few weeks when several long-term Stocktwits users dominated the leaderboards. But what didn’t change was traders making big gains; let’s see how they did. 👇

Coming in third place was HaltTradeAlert, who made a bullish bet in the pharmaceuticals sector and delivered a 52% weekly gain. Next up was Chaz Russell, who posted a 179% gain after placing bullish bets on Netflix, Carvana, Meta, and other stocks across several sectors. 👀

But, they could not knock Ferrarifund off the top spot, with his bearish bets in several stocks helping drive a 560% weekly gain. Congrats to him, and extra kudos for posting all of his trades in real time on his stream. We love to see the ideas come to life as he interacts with the rest of the Stocktwits community. 🤩

We’ll have to wait and see how next week’s competition shakes out; make sure to join or follow along before things get started on Monday!

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Trading Competitions: Week 3 Recap

Stocktwits’ third week of trading competitions ended today, so let’s recap how it went. 👇

This week’s competition was a tight one, with CtheLightTrading snagging the second spot for the third consecutive week. HeyShoe also took the third spot where he sat in week one. Clearly, the two of them are in contention for that top spot, so we’ll keep an eye on them in future weeks. 👀

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Three Tech Stock Milestones

Despite a lackluster close for the major indices, several stocks hit major market-cap milestones. 🤩

First up is Microsoft, which briefly became the second company to cross the $3 trillion market value threshold. Although that didn’t hold into the close, what’s done is done, and the company certainly deserves to be celebrated. Meta’s rebound over the last two years pushed it back above the $1 trillion mark, bringing the total number of companies above this level to eight.

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Apples Reminds Us Who’s Boss

If you needed any more evidence that the stock market bulls are back in control, Apple added to the conversation today. 🗫

The consumer tech giant closed back above the $3 trillion market cap line for the first time since August, cementing its place as the only company to do so. 🤩

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Microsoft Briefly Overtakes Apple

While most of the market focused on the spot Bitcoin ETFs beginning to trade today, the second-largest company in the world made a move on its sole competitor. 🔮

This morning, Microsoft’s market capitalization briefly crossed that of Apple’s, making it the largest company in the world. While it didn’t last, it does beg the question of which stock will lead the market going forward.

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