Trouble Continues For Telecoms

We last talked about Telecom stocks about six months ago, when their stocks came under significant pressure due to slowing growth, competition concerns, and regulatory issues. We then discussed them in October when investors dumped defensive stocks for higher-yielding treasuries with no risk.

Prices have since rebounded sharply with the broader market as investors priced in Fed rate cuts this year. However, Verizon was back in the news today for a not-so-great reason. Let’s dig in. 👇

The telecom giant reminded investors that selling landlines and internet connections to businesses is much tougher today than a few decades ago. As a result, it’s writing down the value of its business division that offers services to a wide range of companies. The $5.8 billion charge will impact its fourth-quarter results, which is why it’s warning investors ahead of time. ⚠️

Executives said a strategic review caused it to reduce its financial projections and revise the unit’s overall value, given that revenues fell 2.9% YoY through the first nine months of 2023. Competition from smaller rivals and the unbundling of phone and broadband products remain structural headwinds for the business

Luckily, Verizon still generates most of its profit from cellphone services as the largest U.S. wireless company by subscriber numbers. With that said, that segment is not without challenges. Competition from AT&T and T-Mobile has caused customer losses and slowed revenue growth, with fears that Dish Network could join the fray following its merger with Echostar. 📱

Overall, investors are on high alert ahead of these companies’ earnings reports. They’ll be watching closely to see how management discusses plans to drive revenue growth, as well as for potential risks they disclose, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) probe into lead telecom cables. 📝

As for the stocks, it’s been a lackluster decade for $VZ and $T shares, while $TMUS (not shown) has risen over 400%. We’ll have to wait and see if they can turn things around this year. 📊

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JetBlue Jumps As Icahn Accumulates

It’s been a rough few months for JetBlue shareholders after the airline’s merger with Spirit Airlines was blocked by U.S. regulators. However, the stock is popping after hours on news that a billionaire hedge fund manager is dumpster diving and sees value in the stock. 💸

Activist investor Carl Icahn reported a nearly 10% stake, which he’s accumulated on the belief that the stock is undervalued following its recent selloff. He’s already had discussions with the company regarding possibly attaining board representation.

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AT&T Suffers Major Outage

Those who work at AT&T today did not have a great day, but those who use their services had a pretty good excuse to chill out at work today. That’s because the telecom giant experienced a nationwide cellphone outage that impacted tens of thousands of its customers today. 📵

While the nation’s largest carrier said it restored wireless service to all impacted customers by midday, no reason has been given for the outages. With T-Mobile and Verizon’s networks unaffected, regulators quickly questioned whether AT&T experienced a hack or other cyberattack. 📡

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Nio & Nikola’s Never-Ending Story

No matter the day, there seems to be an endless stream of electric vehicle (EV) industry news. Let’s get into today’s headlines. 📰

First up is China’s Nio, which just received an additional $2.2 billion investment from Abu Dhabi’s CYVN Holdings, which raised its stake to 20.1%. The fund had last invested in Nio during July, with a $1 billion investment. 

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Only Some EV-Makers Delivered

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers came out with their fourth-quarter delivery numbers today, sending their stocks all over the place. 📊

First, let’s start with everyone’s favorite, Tesla, which delivered mixed news to investors. It managed 1.81 million EV deliveries around the globe in 2023, meeting its full-year guidance and narrowly topping the consensus estimates. That was up 38% YoY but slowed from 2022. 

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