MetaMask Now Captures Your I.P Address?

One of the largest wallets used by cryptocurrency traders and investors, MetaMask, announced a new change that has put many of the crypto community on edge. 

MetaMasks’ developer, ConsensSys, announced an update to its privacy policy informing users that MetaMask now collects IP addresses if the users connect their wallet through Infura – also owned by ConsensSys.

What is Infura? In a nutshell, Infura is “…  the service provider that MetaMask uses to get information on and off of blockchains.” You can find a more detailed explanation on MetaMask’s support site. 

To say that crypto users are a little upset is an understatement. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are, naturally, sensitive to their personal information remaining protected. So MetaMask’s founder took to Twitter to address those concerns. 

We’ll update you if MetaMask and/or CoinsensSys updates this policy. 👮‍♂️

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