And That’s Why Bitcoin Was Created

It sounds like the U.S. banking, and financial systems are about as structurally sound as the popsicle stick bridge I made in 9th-grade woodshop. 👎

Never mind the Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank fiasco; today’s bank of the day is Signature Bank ($SBNY).

New York regulators have stated that the closure of Signature Bank is unrelated to cryptocurrencies, contrary to speculation that its demise was connected to the bank’s involvement in the digital asset industry. Signature Bank was known for its crypto-friendly stance, providing banking services to a wide range of cryptocurrency-related companies. However, recent reports indicate that the bank was already under criminal investigation before its collapse, which now appears to be the primary factor leading to its failure.

According to the reports, Signature Bank was facing accusations of money laundering and other illicit activities, which had put the bank under the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies. This criminal investigation, rather than any direct involvement with cryptocurrencies, seems to be the main reason for the bank’s eventual collapse.

In a separate but related development, macroeconomic strategist Lyn Alden warns that the U.S. banking system is currently nursing over $600 billion worth of unrealized losses. Alden’s analysis suggests that the U.S. financial system may be more fragile than it appears, as these unrealized losses have been building up and can potentially cause significant instability in the banking sector.

Alden emphasizes the importance of closely monitoring the situation, as a failure to address these unrealized losses could lead to serious consequences for the overall health of the U.S. economy. She encourages investors and financial institutions to exercise caution, given the potential risks associated with the current state of the banking system.

Fears regulators and lawmakers might try to fix the issue are growing in the crypto community. Crypto might become a scapegoat for banking’s failures – the equivalent of waking up in the middle of the night to your fire alarm blaring. Instead of investigating why it’s going off, you take the batteries out instead. 🤦‍♂️

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February Was Amazing

Historically, $BTC usually closes in the green in February. 2024’s Feb close brings the score to eleven bullish closes vs. three bearish closes since 2011. 👍

However, despite the high number of bullish closes for February, its average performance is very ‘meh.’ But not this year.

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Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Then Someone Punched It In The Face

I’m a crypto fanatic. I am constantly observing and looking at what’s going on, and like many of you, the past couple of days, I’ve been glued to my screen or phone waiting for the news when Bitcoin hit a new all-time high. 👀

And now I need your help. Because I need someone to figure out the odds of someone like me, MISSING THE GODDAMN EVENT BECAUSE OF A DR’S APPOINTMENT.

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Seriously, SHIB People, Are You Ok?

Look at the 1-minute chart below from yesterday’s intraday price action on $SHIB. 🤯

It was one of the craziest swings of all the major market cap memecoins by far, just an insane move. And how did the Stocktwits SHIB stream react? Like you’d expect any high class degen to react: Unf*cking fazed.

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Bitcoin Blasts TF Off

Alright, now we know this is primarily an equity-focused newsletter. But speculation in the market has been building extensively through the last few months, and there’s no better vehicle to visualize that than one with no intrinsic value. 😆

Ok, you had to let us get one joke in there. After all, we just said what we were all thinking but wouldn’t say out loud. Let’s dive into some wild stats. 👇

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