New BTC And ETH Future From COIN For Institutions

$COIN Derivatives Exchange is set to offer new $BTC and $ETH futures contracts next week, specifically targeting institutional clients. 🚀

The new futures contracts are anticipated to provide lower fees, enhancing the cost efficiency for investors. Moreover, Coinbase is also planning to extend incentive programs to certain clients.

The futures contracts, named BTI and ETI and sized at 1 Bitcoin and 10 Ether per contract, respectively, are designed to give investors the ability to fine-tune their exposure to these digital assets. 

The upcoming futures contracts were announced a year after Coinbase launched its ‘nano’ Bitcoin and Ether contracts, during which the company observed a significant increase in institutional interest and demand for sophisticated derivatives products.

These new contracts are intended to integrate into various trading strategies seamlessly and will feature monthly expirations and USD settlements. Alongside reduced fees, Coinbase has indicated that institutions that become ‘early adopters’ of these contracts might be eligible for incentive programs. 🥁

COIN Daily Chart – Click to enlarge.

Coinbase has been on a tear since May 2023, trading up more the +27%. 

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