🇦🇷 Argentina Leads LatAm

The importance of crypto and decentralized currencies may be difficult for Americans to understand. But in countries experiencing hyperinflation like Argentina, where inflation rates exceeded 200% in 2023, crypto may be the only safe haven. 

In the last 6 months, Argentina had the largest purchases and holdings of stablecoins in Latin America. 60% of Argentine crypto purchases on Mexican-based crypto exchange, Bitso were for US dollar-based stablecoins, and 13% of buys were for bitcoin. 

The political landscape in the Latin American nation may play a pivotal role in the adoption of crypto as newly elected “arnarcho-capitalist” Javier Milei seeks to close the country’s central bank calling it “a scam.”

The crypto-verse is taking notice. Last week, crypto exchange OKX announced it launched its crypto exchange and web3 services in Argentina. 

Will Argentina lead the LatAm crypto revolution? Time will tell… 

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