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High-profile media and entertainment earnings continue to roll in, so let’s quickly review. 📝

Disney’s $0.82 per share in adjusted earnings topped the $0.70 expected, as did its Disney+ subscribers of 150.2 million vs. 148.15 million expected. However, revenues of $21.24 billion were just shy of the consensus $21.33 billion. The 7 million new streaming customers helped the business narrow its losses, with executives reiterating that the combined streaming businesses will reach profitability in the fiscal fourth quarter of 2024. $DIS shares were up about 3% on the news. 🎢

Warner Bros. Discovery reported a wider-than-expected $0.17 per share loss, with revenues of $9.98 billion meeting expectations. Its lackluster subscriber numbers and declining advertising revenue weighed on results. CEO David Zaslav said, “This is a generational disruption we’re going through. Going through that with a streaming service that’s losing billions of dollars, it’s really difficult to go on offense.” $WBD shares fell 19% to their lowest level since January. 📺

Roblox’s $0.45 per share loss and $839 million in revenues topped expectations for $0.51 and $830 million. Its revenues (aka bookings) rose 20% YoY, as did its average daily active users and hours spent. However, its average revenues (bookings) per user was flat YoY at $11.96. Recently, the company has made significant efforts to cut expenses amid slowing revenue growth but noted strength in East Asia and Europe last quarter. It will begin providing guidance in fiscal 2024. $RBLX shares were up 12% on the day. 🎮

AMC Entertainment reported a third-quarter net loss of $0.09 per share on revenues of $1.41 billion. Analysts had anticipated a $0.25 per share loss on $1.26 billion in revenues. The success of Barbie and Oppenheimer helped it achieve the best third-quarter revenue and adjusted EBITDA in its history. With its stock split and $APE share conversion behind it, the company has been able to shore up its cash reserves to $730 million. However, challenges remain for 2024, with domestic attendance still 16% below pre-pandemic levels and the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes pushing out releases into the future. $AMC shares were down a few percent after hours. 🍿

The New York Times’ recovery in the advertising market and rise in subscriptions for its higher-priced bundles led to an earnings and revenue beat. It added 210,000 digital-only subscribers last quarter to 9.7 million, with its average revenue per user for bundled subscriptions of $12.81 vs. total digital-only of $9.28. Despite the rebound in advertising, executives remained conservative with their estimates, expecting a 4%-8% decline in total advertising revenue for the fourth quarter. $NYT shares rose 6%. 📰

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Dave Rides The Speculation Wave

Neobanks that came public during the pandemic at insane valuations and got crushed over the last few years are roaring back in the current environment. 🏦

Dave Inc. is a digital banking service primarily focusing on cash advances, working off tips and subscription fees rather than overdraft fees. That was a solid business in the ZIRP era of cheap money but faced a reckoning in a higher interest rate environment. 💸

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Nvidia Delivers Bears Another Blow

With it being Nvidia day and all, let’s recap the semiconductor giant’s earnings and reaction. 👇

Before the print, we noted that Nvidia had only seen a downside surprise in earnings vs. expectations three times in the last ten years. However, with analyst estimates high and bullish sentiment roaring into the print, bears thought the contrarian view might have paid off.

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Advertisers Remain Un-Pinterested

Although mega-cap technology giants like Meta, Alphabet, and Amazon are having no trouble in the advertising market, smaller players like Snap are. That trend continued today, with Pinterest missing revenue estimates. Let’s take a look at the numbers. 👇

The social media company’s adjusted earnings per share of $0.53 topped the expected $0.51. However, revenues of $981 million were $10 million shy of estimates despite rising 12% YoY.

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$NET Makes The Bears Regret

Network provider Cloudflare is surging after the bell following better-than-expected results. 📝

The company’s adjusted earnings per share of $0.15 on $362.50 million in revenues topped estimates of $0.12 and $353.10 million. YoY revenue growth of 32% was consistent with its third quarter, while its GAAP net loss narrowed significantly from the year prior.

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