Plug Power Recharges Amid Market Rally

It was another day of records for the U.S. stock market as more and more stocks got snatched up in the bullish animal spirits. Let’s continue this week’s trend of pointing out the ragingly bullish action traders have been dealing with. 👇

Below is a chart of the S&P 500 showing prices rising for 16 of the last 18 months, posting a 25% rally since the end of October. It was also announced after the bell that Super Micro Computer and Deckers Outdoor will join the index, replacing Whirpool and Zions Bancorp. 📈

Meanwhile, the “Amazon of Africa” we highlighted over a month ago has rebounded sharply. The one-month chart of 30-minute candles shows how steep and orderly the rally has been, as heavily shorted stocks continue to be squeezed. 🛒

Speaking of heavily shorted stocks, Plug Power is trying to stabilize after saying its “going-concern” risk no longer exists. The hydrogen-technology company’s 2023 results missed analyst expectations, but its recent cost-cutting efforts and government grants have helped bolster its financial position. 💸

With the stock at a transition zone, investors and traders are watching closely to see if buyers can retake control. 👀

The message here is not specifically about trading Jumia or Plug; instead, it points out the recurring behavior we’re seeing in beaten-down stocks like them. Bears say these types of short squeezes signal the end of the bull run is near, as even the crappiest companies get snatched up. Bulls say it’s just the improving market breadth everyone’s been looking for and is a positive sign.

As always, the market will let us know who is right in due time. But for now, buyers are in control. 🤷

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Investors Arm Portfolios With Semis

After missing out on last year’s tech run, many investors are choosing not to risk that feeling again. As a result, they continue to pile into stocks in the semiconductor industry and related fields. Arm Holdings joined the fray today, jumping sharply after reporting results.

The chip design technology giant reported third-quarter adjusted earnings per share of $0.29 on $824 million in revenues. That topped estimates of $0.25 and $761 million. 🤩

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Zoom Avoids Doom (Again)

Zoom Video Communications hasn’t made headlines for many good reasons lately, scraping the bottom of its range as a public company as investors look for other opportunities. However, the stock is jumping today on better-than-expected results, so let’s take a look. 👇

The video chat software vendor’s adjusted earnings per share of $1.22 on $1.15 billion in revenues topped expectations of $1.15 and $1.13 billion. Revenue growth remains anemic, rising just 3% YoY, but the company’s cost-cutting has helped it drive positive earnings vs. last year’s loss. 

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The Battle Of The Clothing Boxes

The online personal styling business might’ve been a solid bet during the ZIRP era, but it has really taken a beating in the post-pandemic world. Today, we heard from Stitch Fix and ThredUp, battling for survival in the public markets. 📦

First up, Stitch Fix reported a $0.29 per share loss on $330.40 million in revenues. Both numbers missed estimates of a $0.22 loss and $330.88 million. Looking ahead, the company’s third-quarter revenue guidance of $300 to $310 million also missed expectations. 🔻

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Headline Vs. Reality (Media Edition)

One of the perplexing things about markets is that sometimes headlines don’t necessarily match the reaction in markets. And that was certainly the case today in struggling media giant Warner Bros. Discovery. 📰

The Hollywood Reporter wrote an article boasting that Warner Bros became the first Hollywood conglomerate to turn a full-year streaming profit ($103 million).  

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