Investors Arm Portfolios With Semis

After missing out on last year’s tech run, many investors are choosing not to risk that feeling again. As a result, they continue to pile into stocks in the semiconductor industry and related fields. Arm Holdings joined the fray today, jumping sharply after reporting results.

The chip design technology giant reported third-quarter adjusted earnings per share of $0.29 on $824 million in revenues. That topped estimates of $0.25 and $761 million. 🤩

If the semiconductor industry is going to surge, companies like Arm are well-positioned to benefit. It makes money through royalties when companies pay for access to build Arm-compatible chips. During its latest quarter, its customers shipped 7.7 billion Arm chips, driving an 11% YoY increase in royalty revenue to $470 million. 📊

Outside of royalties, Arm’s bet on licensing (swelling access to more complete designs) has also paid off handsomely. License and other revenues rose 18% YoY to $354 million, with the company seeing an uptick in demand that may allow it to charge higher licensing fees for advanced designs. 

Like Qualcomm and others, the company flagged a recovery in the smartphone market as a significant driver, along with automotive and cloud provider sales. Overall, management expects the momentum to continue, with its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings and revenue guidance blowing estimates out of the water. 📈

Arm remains one of last year’s best-performing initial public offerings (IPOs). And despite some skepticism from the Stocktwits community initially, these results and after-hours move have propelled sentiment back into “extremely bullish” territory. 🐂

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Sellers Unleash On Unity

Video game software developer Unity probably wishes it could reload its last saved checkpoint after reporting another quarter of lackluster earnings. 👾

Although revenues of $609 million topped expectations of $451 million, management noted revenue would have been $510 million if its deferred revenues were not released. Meanwhile, the company’s net loss of $0.66 was narrower than last year’s $0.82 but still much higher than analysts’ $0.46 per share expectation. 🔺

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Walmart Bets Big On Advertising

One of the core themes we’ve been discussing for a long time is the “ad-ification” of everything. No matter where you go or what you do, you’re likely being targeted by some form of advertising. And the reason why is because it’s such a high-margin, profitable business opportunity. 🎯

As a result, it’s no surprise to see America’s largest employer and big-box retailer, Walmart, leaning heavily into that narrative during its earnings call. 

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Carvana Careens To New Highs

The return of “left for dead” stocks continues as investors look for opportunities in the market beyond the “magnificent seven.” 🔍

Carvana is an excellent example of this turnaround story in action, with the stock posting its first-ever annual profit and catching several analyst upgrades. 💪

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The Internet Of Things Grows Wings

While sentiment surges around crypto and artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise to see that hype around the “Internet of Things” company Samsara is also popping off. 🤩

The stock jumped to fresh all-time highs in the after-hours session following better-than-expected results. Its fourth-quarter revenues of $276.3 million topped estimates of $258.3 million, with its adjusted loss also narrower than anticipated. 💪

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