A New Year’s Resolution

After about three weeks of rangebound trade tricking traders and investors alike, it appears that the stock market has reached a short-term resolution. 😮

Below is an hourly chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average futures, which we’ll use to represent the U.S. stock market. We know, we know, the Dow is the boomer of the stock market indexes. But most of the major indexes look like this, and the Dow had the cleanest view. So work with us here.

As you can see in the chart, the index declined in mid-December before forming a trading range in which it’s been stuck for about three weeks…at least until today. Then, after several attempts to break higher, bulls finally pulled it off, with prices closing above the top of their range. 📈

This matters because it provides some short-term direction for an otherwise directionless market. And technical analysts argue that prices resolving up instead of down is also significant since ranges that form after declines typically resolve lower (in the direction of the preceding trend).  

Nevertheless, market bulls are hoping that the market’s resolution will last longer than the average New Year’s resolution. But all we can do is wait and see. 🤷

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Chinese Stocks On The Rocks (Again)

One of the key themes we discussed last year was the underperformance of Chinese stocks. While India and other emerging markets rallied sharply (along with the rest of the world), China’s stock market was stuck in the mud because of slowing growth, weak consumer spending, a property market crisis, and geopolitical tensions. ⚠️

Unfortunately for emerging market investors, none of those core issues have improved in 2024, leading its stock market to fall even further to start the year. 😬

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Trading Competitions: Week 5 Recap

This week’s competition was filled with new names and old ones as the Stocktwits community battled it out in the last trading competition of the year. 👇

Coming in third place and fourth place were Vioermajs and StockTraderIntel, who returned 9.42% and 9.30%, respectively. Fuzzyavatar eeked them both out, posting a 10.01% gain for the week. 👀

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Traders’ Updated S&P 500 Roadmap

Just because the calendar changes dates doesn’t mean the market’s trends do. As such, now seems like a great time to update the S&P 500 roadmap many traders used throughout 2023. 🗺️

Below is a two-year daily candlestick chart with a few key indicators. The first is the 200-day moving average (blue), which traders use to track the long-term trend in the market. The next two are the anchored volume weighted average price (AVWAP) from the market’s 2022 highs and 2022 lows. Traders use this to track how the average buyer/seller has fared in the market from a specific date.

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How The Ultra-Wealthy Fared In 2023

Just as 2022 was a challenging year across the board, 2023 was a great one. Let’s check in to see how the ultra-wealthy are set up heading into the new year. 👀

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index indicated that the net worth of the wealthiest 500 people soared by $1.5 trillion this year, recovering all of the $1.4 trillion lost in 2022. That came despite fears of recession, elevated inflation, higher interest rates, and geopolitical turmoil as markets (and the economy) climbed the “wall of worry.”

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