Another Type Of Apple Season

$AAPL, like the rest of the tech sector, has been hit hard in 2022. Selling pressure from sector exposure and the production slowdowns/shutdowns in China have weighed heavily on investors and Apple’s shares. 📊

But there is some reprieve coming. With China’s easing of lockdowns, J.P. Morgan analysts believe that the supply chain is likely to improve and is already showing signs of recovery. 

The primary Foxconn factory has reportedly recovered to about 70% of its capacity, bringing hopes that the newest iPhone models will ship out sooner. J.P. Morgan reported that the wait time for the latest iPhone model is down to two weeks versus 30-40 days.

Apple is trading higher today at +3.14% at the time of writing. Technically, it is above yesterday’s open and is testing Tuesday’s close of $130.03 as resistance. 🍎

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A New Year’s Resolution

After about three weeks of rangebound trade tricking traders and investors alike, it appears that the stock market has reached a short-term resolution. 😮

Below is an hourly chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average futures, which we’ll use to represent the U.S. stock market. We know, we know, the Dow is the boomer of the stock market indexes. But most of the major indexes look like this, and the Dow had the cleanest view. So work with us here.

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We’ve Seen This Movie Before

$AMC ending 2022 in a Hollywood-style dramatic, climactic collapse. 🎭

Today, AMC made a new 58-week low, returning to where it was trading in early February 2021. 

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Chinese Stocks Extend Gains

Due to their recent strength, Chinese stocks have been a focus of our newsletter for the last few months. And today, that strength continued with hopes that a more relaxed Chinese regulatory environment is on the horizon. 🌤️

Sparking this continued optimism was news that Chinese officials approved an expanded capital plan from Ant Group. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the company’s request to increase the amount of registered capital for its consumer unit from 8 billion to 18.5 billion yuan.

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