Micro-Caps Back To 2018 Levels

This year, we’ve written a lot about a general trend impacting the stock market. That being, the larger the company, the better it has performed. 💪

As we can see from the chart below, the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 have led gains over the last five years. That’s primarily because mega-cap technology stocks, now dubbed “the magnificent seven” but previously known as FAANG or FANMAG, have driven a large portion of the gains. Meanwhile, the “riskier” small and micro-cap companies have struggled to progress. 

That trend continued this week, catching many investors’ attention because five-year returns in the micro-cap ETF $IWC neared the flatline. So not only did this market segment underperform during stocks’ rally, but it’s now leading to the downside. 📉

This flies in the face of conventional market wisdom that says “higher risk” assets like small and micro-cap stocks should offer a “higher potential return.” Instead, investors have been punished for taking additional on risk, leading to a decline in overall risk appetite in the stock market. 🙃

With high interest rates and a slowing global economy, the environment for these smaller businesses is only getting harder. As a result, investors continue to flock to larger companies with robust balance sheets and lots of cash from their operations, allowing them to ride out any economic weakness more easily.

And it’s not the only segment of the market to come “full circle,” either. Many high-flying sectors from the pandemic are back to their pre-pandemic levels (or worse, below them). We’re not quite sure what the takeaway here is. Other than that, investing is hard. And as always, investors need to be selective in what trends they participate in and how they participate in them. 🤷

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Industrials Sneak To New Highs

While everyone is focused on technology stocks, another market sector has been performing quite well. That sector is industrials, which includes everything from aerospace & defense to machinery, ground transportation, and more. 🏭

The cyclical sector is also a widely-watched proxy for how investors feel about the economy. After all, if the economy is going to grow, these types of companies are needed to help produce, ship, and deliver the goods. And right now, investors are apparently bullish on their outlook because sector ETF $XLI broke out to new highs late last year and hasn’t looked back. 📈

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Japanese Stocks Continue Shining

One of the world’s best-performing stock markets of 2023 is starting the new year with fresh highs. As measured by the Nikkei 225 index, Japanese stocks reached their highest since the 1990s as investors speculated that the Bank of Japan would delay plans to end its ultra-loose monetary policy. 🕰️

Recently, a devastating earthquake in central Japan caused widespread damage in the region and will likely weigh on the country’s already slow economic growth. As a result, the government is expected to outline fiscal stimulus efforts to help support the rebuilding process.

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Biotech Investors Target PHAT Gains

As we’ve been highlighting for a long time, investors and traders continue to seek opportunities in the micro and small-cap healthcare space in hopes of a buyout.

With the most prominent players sitting on tons of cash and needing their next growth driver, it seems like there’s a new company being acquired every day. 🤑

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Can Meme Traders $SAVE Spirit Airlines?

When the Department of Justice successfully blocked the merger of JetBlue and Spirit Airlines earlier this week, we knew it would be an ongoing story. However, very few people saw it taking the turn it did today, with Dave Portnoy (aka “Davey Day Trader”) emerging from the shadows and rallying fellow retail traders behind the company.

Let’s see what happened. 👀

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