Old Leaders Slowly Reemerging

With the S&P 500 bouncing from support, investors wonder whether the recent stock decline is officially over. And if so, which stocks will lead the market higher? 🤔

So far, leadership this year has been pretty thin, with the communication services, technology, and consumer discretionary sectors leading with double-digit gains. However, the rest of the sectors have seen lackluster performance, gaining single digits (and nearly half down for the year).

The last week has seen a bounce back in the entire market, but notably, the leadership sectors from earlier in the year are back in charge. Do they have enough juice left to push the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes back to all-time highs? Or is the weakness in other sectors a bearish omen of further stock market weakness to come? 🔮

That remains the key question investors are looking to answer as we head into year-end. With the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 both up double-digits, there are likely to be a lot of portfolio managers chasing performance to close the gap before they need to report year-end results. And if the market starts to rally again from here, the chase will officially be on. 🏃

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Trading Competitions: Week 4 Recap

This week’s competition was filled with new names, a change from the last few weeks when several long-term Stocktwits users dominated the leaderboards. But what didn’t change was traders making big gains; let’s see how they did. 👇

Coming in third place was HaltTradeAlert, who made a bullish bet in the pharmaceuticals sector and delivered a 52% weekly gain. Next up was Chaz Russell, who posted a 179% gain after placing bullish bets on Netflix, Carvana, Meta, and other stocks across several sectors. 👀

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International Markets Are Partying, Too

There are plenty of U.S. stocks for investors to focus on. However, occasionally, international stocks will pop up on the radar. And this year is one of those times. ⌚

Below are four examples of international indexes hitting new all-time highs, including Germany’s DAX, Poland’s Warsaw Stock Index, Brazil’s Bovespa, and India’s Nifty 50. It shows a range of both developed and emerging markets seeing strong demand from investors around the globe. 📈

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How The Ultra-Wealthy Fared In 2023

Just as 2022 was a challenging year across the board, 2023 was a great one. Let’s check in to see how the ultra-wealthy are set up heading into the new year. 👀

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index indicated that the net worth of the wealthiest 500 people soared by $1.5 trillion this year, recovering all of the $1.4 trillion lost in 2022. That came despite fears of recession, elevated inflation, higher interest rates, and geopolitical turmoil as markets (and the economy) climbed the “wall of worry.”

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Industrials Sneak To New Highs

While everyone is focused on technology stocks, another market sector has been performing quite well. That sector is industrials, which includes everything from aerospace & defense to machinery, ground transportation, and more. 🏭

The cyclical sector is also a widely-watched proxy for how investors feel about the economy. After all, if the economy is going to grow, these types of companies are needed to help produce, ship, and deliver the goods. And right now, investors are apparently bullish on their outlook because sector ETF $XLI broke out to new highs late last year and hasn’t looked back. 📈

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