Investors Chew On New Opportunities

With the stock market looking to close out an epic fourth-quarter run and overall 2023, investors and traders continue to look for opportunities in beaten-down areas of the market. ðŸ•ĩïļâ€â™‚ïļ

One of the stocks popping up on traders’ radars today is online pet retailer Chewy. The last time we checked in on the stock was in September when the trend of investors ditching unprofitable companies pushed shares to new all-time lows.

However, it’s back on the table today for a better reason. 👀

The short-term catalyst for today’s 9% pop was Jeffries initiating coverage on the stock with a buy rating and $27 price target. The analyst said Chewy should benefit from increasing pet e-commerce penetration and premiumization of pet products.

Whether or not they’re right on the business was almost a side conversation today, as technical analysts focused on the stock reclaiming a key broken support level. The $21-$22 level has been a significant inflection point throughout the stock’s history. And some traders argue today’s move back above that level marks a significant turnaround in the stock’s momentum. ⏊

Technical analysts like to call this type of situation a “failed breakdown,” where sellers believe they’ve got clear control of the stock, but bulls battle back and reclaim a key level. That situation traps sellers who exited the stock (or shorted it) and creates a lot of forced buying, especially in cases like Chewy where the stock has significant short interest (currently about 18%). 😎

We’ll have to see if this turns out to be the bullish catalyst traders think it is. But for now, the dash for trash continues, and Chewy is the latest beneficiary. ðŸĨģ

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Microsoft Briefly Overtakes Apple

While most of the market focused on the spot Bitcoin ETFs beginning to trade today, the second-largest company in the world made a move on its sole competitor. ðŸ”Ū

This morning, Microsoft’s market capitalization briefly crossed that of Apple’s, making it the largest company in the world. While it didn’t last, it does beg the question of which stock will lead the market going forward.

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Industrials Sneak To New Highs

While everyone is focused on technology stocks, another market sector has been performing quite well. That sector is industrials, which includes everything from aerospace & defense to machinery, ground transportation, and more. 🏭

The cyclical sector is also a widely-watched proxy for how investors feel about the economy. After all, if the economy is going to grow, these types of companies are needed to help produce, ship, and deliver the goods. And right now, investors are apparently bullish on their outlook because sector ETF $XLI broke out to new highs late last year and hasn’t looked back. 📈

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Nvidia Tops Amazon

It seems like Nvidia is hitting a new milestone every day, so why would today be any different? ðŸĪ·

This morning, we saw a massive squeeze in shares of Arm Holdings, which soared more than 40% before pulling back midday. That led to other semiconductor stocks rising alongside it as investors’ optimism around the sector continued. 📈

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Traders’ Updated S&P 500 Roadmap

Just because the calendar changes dates doesn’t mean the market’s trends do. As such, now seems like a great time to update the S&P 500 roadmap many traders used throughout 2023. 🗚ïļ

Below is a two-year daily candlestick chart with a few key indicators. The first is the 200-day moving average (blue), which traders use to track the long-term trend in the market. The next two are the anchored volume weighted average price (AVWAP) from the market’s 2022 highs and 2022 lows. Traders use this to track how the average buyer/seller has fared in the market from a specific date.

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